Probe cycle keeps failing

All was well until this morning. Well not all well but the big issue started this morning.

I was having issues with the Z registering properly. Occasionally a job would start way above the probed height. I’d reinitialize and re-probe and fiddle with the wire connecting the switch to the drag chain connector and all was well until the next third job or so. I sent a message to support and they are sending me a replacement cable I assume.

This morning I initialized the machine, all well, it asked for a tool change for probing, ok, then it went to the probe spot and dropped about 20-25mm and stopped giving me the probe error.

I restarted, all the same thing.

I shut everything down, unplugged the shapeoko pro, then started as if new, sending the config and reinitializing. Same issue, it drops about 25mm and quits, way above the probe. It’s centered on the probe properly just stops going down.

I figured maybe it was the Z proximity switch issue, so I took a piece of metal, put it under the proximity switch, the light came on. Then I held the two connectors together and used a piece of painters tape. The light stayed on where it would blink on and off before when just holding it. So… all good? Z works.

I initialized again and the very same thing happened.

I took the bitsetter out of the config, resent and tested Z, up and down no problem.

Put bitsetter back in, sent config, back to the probe failing.


The only thing I can think of is that the tool (engraver) I have is in it is a lot shorter than what I usually use to get a project started, but I doubt that’s it as I’ve probed with that before.

It could be a function of how deeply the tool is inserted.

For shorter tooling I like to use a depth ring collar to ensure that they are not inserted too deeply to be probed.

Some folks have made a gauge block which they use to ensure min. stickout for successful probing.

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25mm from the top of the Z axis ?

Julien, Yes, about 20/25 mm. It’s not even enough to get my longest tool to probe. I checked that just by putting the 201 next to it at proper insertion depth.

Will, I trust your words but I doubt that’s the case as I have used this engraving tool before in tool probing at the very same depth and there was no issue at all. Unless of course it’s the first initialization probing that counts?

Unfortunately for me I had bent (outward) the included wrench and I have to re-bend it so much it’s unworkable so removing this tool will have to wait until I get my new wrench today to test a longer one or proper seating. So hoping it’s an amazon morning and not an amazon late at night…

Can you please check in the Settings menu, that at the moment just before initializating, there is no active signal:


EDIT: what I have in mind is a similar issue where it turned out to be that the BitZero magnet was inadvertently touching a grounded part of the machine, and since BitZero and BitSetter share a common probe signal…that threw off the bitsetter probing


I will check that asap.

I am running the job without the bitsetter right now, it’s a pain because of the engraving, but it’s a long job. I can’t imagine having to set the z every time manually (lol I am so lazy) it’s one of the features that made me purchase this.

Once it’s done I will check that, I was not aware that the bitzero could cause such issues and there’s a lot of metal things I am always pulling that magnet off of, the machine itself included. Going to have to make a tray for it or something.

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This morning I got my wrenches. I relaced the engraving bit, put in the 201, checked to make sure the bitzero magnet was not grounded and got a perfect cycle and a great cut.

So… if this happens again, I will just follow that pattern to fix whatever was happening


Note, not sure which post to mark as a solution…


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