"Probe failed" with bitsetter, solution

(putting this here in case someone else hits it and is as puzzled as I was)

Hit a fun new failure mode today with my 3XL+bitsetter

Homed the machine, clicked ok to the “tool change” dialog and then the Z carriage moved above the bitsetter… and CM throws up a “probe failed” error message.

Solution: It turns out that my normal Z probe aluminum block made contact with the frame of my 3XL in its holder via a screw that holds the holder to the frame, and that caused the probe line to be always set… separating the Z probe from the screw made all OK again.


(would be very nice if carbide motion would show on the screen a warning that the probe is engaged while homing… rather than “probe failed” later on)

I doubt they would do this as that is not required with the Carbide probe because it has a light that turns red when it touches.

I have the carbide probe… the light was aimed towards the machine unfortunately so in its holder, not visible

Time for a new holder?

that or just remove the thing, it’s never worked well for me and I just use the paper method always

For anyone having difficulty with the Probe, please let us know at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

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