Probe Issue XXL

Good Morning, I’ve installed my probe this morning and follow the steps in the guide and after I hit the probe button the program says there’s an error. Running CM4 Grgbl1.1 control board ver.d/e. Loaded a gcode from C4, .nc code and the error remains… homing works, touch clip to base and light turns red, raised the bit 12mm above the probe hit begin probing and error…
Any help would be appreciated


I experienced a very similar issue with my probe. I ordered my probe on 4/21/2018. When I finally received it on 4/30/2018 I could hardly wait to use it. I had upgraded CM and Grbl prior to the arrival of the probe. I installed the probe and touch clip and gave it a shot. I received an error message. This occured oh about 100 times as I tried troubleshooting the issue. The probe base’s light would change colors when the clip touched it, but there was no movement when I initiated the probing sequence. On 05/01/2018 I sent an email to 13 emails and 20 days later, the carbide team confirmed it was an issue with the probe. They stated the “signal line isn’t triggering on your probe” and sent me another probe. I’m still waiting on it to arrive.

My advice to you is to email and be incredibly patient. It is a painfully slow process that will cause you to question your purchase. Good Luck!


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