Probe not measuring z axis correctly

So, each time I use my probe, it produces a z axis that is 31mm above my board. When I manually take it down to the face of the board, it’s showing that I’m still 3mm from zero. I’ve had the issue of using the probe and it cutting way deeper than it should, so this is what I have tried to figure out. So, after using probe, I click on rapid position and have it go to z zero+6mm when I bump it down a mm at a time, at board surface its showing 3mm left to go. Is there a way of adjusting the probe to measure correctly?

If you’re just probing for Z, don’t put the probe over the edge on the corner. Just place it on top of your stock.


If you pay attention to the picture in Carbide Motion when you select XYZ it shows placement of the probe over the corner. If you select Z alone the picture show the whole probe on top of the work surface. If your not paying attention to detail it’s really easy to miss.


Ahhh. Ugh. I hate assumptions. I’m three weeks into learning CNC. Just received in December. I assumed that all z axis measurements were the same on the probe and that the lip on two sides was just simply a lip. So when I went to measure in the middle of the material i turned the probe over and measured from twiddle of it. All makes sense now. Typical man not reading instructions. Lol

This has been fun Learning. Thanks for the quick reply and knowledge

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