Probe Pinout for Board 2.4d/e

Found details for the Nomad on probe pinout here;

However, if using a 3rd party/DIY probe without the fancy LED (5v) I wanted to confirm if I can use the same pins on the board without issue.

If so, which pins are which? (i.e. not 5v)

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Well does anyone know if there’s any harm in connecting a multimeter to the pins while it’s running to find the 5v ? Presume it’ll be fine, but also I have no idea how these things work.

Contact us at for an annotated board diagram.

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Go here: I’ve posted diagrams. You want the one with the huge cap on it towards the top. Has a line drawing below it that shows the probe pins.



I reached out direct and Carbide tech advised I avoid that plug shown in first image due to the 5v.

He mentioned using a Y connector at the pins used for the built in tool probe. Follow wires from tool probe to the board.

For reference; when looking at the board. Left pin/wire is probe signal, right wire/pin is ground.

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