Probe release info?

Fixed the wording in the listing- thanks.

We actually would prefer that users upgrade prior to ordering. We have a wide variety of users and most are very intelligent and extremely talented (They did choose Shapeoko so that’s got to be proof of high IQ). There are, however, a few Shapeoko users that have difficulty with computers so we’d prefer to get the upgrade out of the way first so that we have a chance to work through any upgrade difficulty without introducing the probe into the equation.

This obviously doesn’t apply to the users in this thread :slight_smile:

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Does this also signify a new version of Carbide motion?

You’ll need to use Carbide Motion Version 4 and GRBL 1.1. Any Shapeoko PCB will support it though, it’s just a software upgrade.

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Great news, just ordered!

Also ordered CNC4NB slider this morning, CNC budget blown for the next several weeks, unless wife finds out, then you may not see me for awhile because there’s no internet in the doghouse :frowning:


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Will the Probe work with a Nomad?

2 weeks too late for me, ordered and received the Triquetra…

There’s no technological reason for it to not, but wiring things would be a bit of a challenge, and it’s physically large enough to significantly reduce the stock which one could use it with — that said, I believe that there was some discussion about an adapter cable.

As long as you’re comfortable playing with a little wiring, yes.

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Ordered :slight_smile: Finally! I’m so excyted!!!


Thanks @robgrz. I just ordered one. Could you (or Jorge if it’s his bailiwick) post the wiring instruction for Nomad users? (Maybe this thread would be a logical place since the question came up here and is no longer hypothetical.)

Thanks Carbide3d!

Woohoo! Ordered. Now to do the XL upgrade.

And for the folks who like that sort of thing, there’s a video (as @RichCournoyer pointed out on reddit):


Winston makes a good video!


Outstanding! Ordered.

Thanks Carbide 3D for your continuous efforts to enhance your cutters capabilities.

I can’t wait to get this. lol.

Ghaaaa! After all this waiting, I missed it and they’re sold out! I even ordered some C3D end mills yesterday and checked the shop to make sure the probe wasn’t released… it was, but only posted here and I didn’t check the forum.

I’m going to go cry now. :slight_smile:


Please, make more touch probes sooner than later so I can order one. Thank you!

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No kidding, I was out of town…would have been nice to get an e-mail at the very least…

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I ended up ordering a Triquetra, partly out of frustration from having missed this, and partly because I don’t want to go through the waiting game again.

I have been using bCNC more than CM lately, so this might end up being the right choice for my use anyway.

I am very interested to hear reviews of the C3D probe as folks start receiving them, I’m curious what functionality the “active” aspect of them adds.

I think the led indicator is the “active” part of the probe. I ordered a makers guide(Bill Grigs from CNC router tips and tricks on FB) probe.