Probe release info?

Anyone have any idea when the probe is going to be released for sale???

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Agreed, it would be nice to know. We have been teased way too long

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Knowing this is NOT the answer to the question: I’ve stopped waiting and instead hook up a piece of tin foil to some alligator clips for Z-probing.

I sent an email to customer support last week and asked when the probe would be available. I was surprised when they responded by telling me it would be in the store by the end of the week.

That was last week!

So… we continue to be teased!


Darn, and that is all I have to say!


Thanks @robgrz, order placed. I’m curious how long it will take to be out of stock. Assuming a large demand, do you guys think you have enough on hand?

You’re officially the first order. We have an internal debate on how long it’ll take to sell out- it could be today, or it could be a couple of weeks. Honestly we’re not sure.

We’ll see how the first few days go and then start reordering boards and material.


Also, thanks for the order!

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Wonderful news. I can only recommend the probe - in only a few weeks it has saved me hours of time setting up my machine. I’d go as far as saying it makes the machine!


Can you share the installation instructions?

Yahoo, Just ordered mine!!

I don’t recall where I saw it but someone asked how you could use this for tapered bits. Best answer would be to install a square or round nose (non-tapered) bit and probe X and Y. That sets the X and Y values for your home. Then replace the bit with your tapered bit and just probe Z.

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They can be found here


I just ordered mine. I’ve been checking in regularly for this to be available. Very excited to put this to use!

"The Touch Probe is only supported in Carbide Motion 4 and GRBL 1.1 so you’ll nee to upgrade prior to ordering. "

Really? I mean, can’t I order it then upgrade before I install it?

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I think its just a simple wording issue.

Edited this comment for clarity: I was incorrect that Shapeoko does not currently ship with GRBL 1.1. Need double check that you are running 1.1 and also CM4 for the probe.

I’m afraid you’re mistaken. Carbide Motion 3 only supports Grbl 0.9 and that’s what’s been shipping.

Not sure when we’ll transition over to new machines shipping w/ Grbl 1.1 and CM4 being officially supported — suspect there’ll be a blog post about it soon.

For the curious:

I knew it was a wording issue I was just pointing it out in a slightly tongue in check manner :slight_smile:


No worries @WillAdams, thanks for the correction. I knew I was on CM3, but figured I just hadn’t done the upgrade yet. I guess I will be doing that and GRBL 1.1 in the mean time while I wait on the probe to arrive. Gives me something other than projects to do this weekend.