Probe release info?

(greg) #62

will it work with the limit switch from or will it only work with the ones sold by carbide 3d

(William Adams) #63

Which switch is installed shouldn’t matter — it should also be possible to probe w/o homing switches, but that’s moot since CM4 requires homing.

(greg) #64

ty for your quick response, the limit switches reduces work space does the ones from carbide

(William Adams) #65

The Carbide 3D switches are pretty close to the extremes of travel, and one only backs off them by 5mm.

(Curtis Potter) #66

I agree. What about preorders? I had no clue it was released

(William Adams) #67

While we don’t allow pre-orders, we do have a button to sign up to know when it will be released — that should help us gauge interest.

click on “Email me when available” Thanks!

(Curtis Potter) #68

I signed up immediately :grinning:. I saw a couple of videos demonstrating it and it looks so awesome! Super excited when it is available again

(Chris Roberts) #69

It would be nice to have a real answer. Are they being produced, like I was told two months ago, or are you just gauging interest to later decide if you are going to make them again?

This is what I was told two months ago, when I asked when they would be available again.

“We don’t have a solid estimate at the moment. We are going to be making a big batch of them. We will let you know once they are back in stock.”

(William Adams) #70

Last I heard was “soonish”, which I’m interpreting to mean early–mid January. Everyone has been going full-tilt packing machines after the success of the Black Friday Sale (except me, I’m exempted since I’m remote staff), so hopefully we’ll be able to do other things presently.

(Miguel Castillo) #71

I am surprised on how many people are willing to spent that amount of money on this overpriced probe. Maybe it is fashion or I am just overlooking the benefit of using that kind of probe on my daily work.

(William Adams) #72

I’ve found it very nice to use, and wonderfully repeatable — the LED in particular is a great touch, allowing one to verify functionality effortlessly, plus it makes a great power indicator for the machine. Obviously not impartial though.

(Miguel Castillo) #73

I got your point Will. I am just wondering why this probe is more expensive than a new arduino board (or a calculator, or some other tools) which is more complex.

(mikep) #74

It’s certainly not cheap. It does do a great job, and the integration with CM is very nice. I like it a lot. I’ve found that I’ve changed the way I do some setups because it’s so much easier to get a really consistent zero.

(William Adams) #75

Small production runs which require precise machining (not sure what the reject rate or tolerances for the aluminum body are, but tolerances have to be quite tight) and a fair bit of hand-work to assemble (also, the bottom plate cover seems to be 3D printed which is kind of pricey — wonder if one of the holdups on new ones is arranging for injection molding).

(William Adams) #77

I’m afraid that the next batch of Probes has been pushed back to mid to late March, barring further difficulties.

(Michael Mora) #78

And still waiting…

(Brad) #79

Any update @WillAdams ?

(William Adams) #80

If the probe isn’t back in stock by the end of this week, it should be in stock sometime next week, probably early — I believe we’re trying to make certain that we produce enough to not run out.

(Michael Mora) #81

Did I miss the release??

(William Adams) #82

There was a second batch, and we’re hoping to have a 3rd batch available by the end of June.