Probing bit sizes

Shapeoko 3 with BitZero V1. Trying to use 9/64 4-flute end mill. The probe function lists 4 SAE and 2 metric bit sizes which do not include a 9/64. Where in the name of my sanity is the list of bit sizes stored?

We found the bit library in Carbide Create, and was able to create the tool there in Carbide Create and some manual editing of the CSV file to make it a 4-flute. But OF COURSE Motion isn’t smart enough to share the library with Create.

I don’t use the bitzero, but doesn’t it probe 4 times in the hole to set X & Y? If so, you should only need to choose the closest size. 9/64 is 0.141" or 3.57mm
The other option would be to use one of the sizes they offer, and then change tools to set your Z.

That’s the BZ V2. BZ V1 you need to know the bit size.

For BZ V1, you pretty much have to use a bit or dowel in one of the available sizes, then switch bits.


I do all my probing with a 0.250" precision dowel. I don’t need to worry about how the flute geometry or undersized grind could influence the X/Y setting or dulling the tip on the BitZero. After setting 0, run the program as usual and swap in the desired tool at the first prompt and let the BitSetter adjust Z offsets for the actual tool. It has worked very well for me.


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