Probing code generator

Hi guys, is there any free probing code generators out there that detect the X, Y & Z axis?

I have made my probe, and I want to create code for a 31x31x5mm probe for both 1/8 and 1/4 bit.

I had a crack at writing my own code, but it doesn’t work…

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I thought it might be useful, here is my G code I have written for a 6.35mm mill. When I load the text file into CM it tells me the code is unsupported but I thought with CM 1.1 this should work?

G38.2 X-12.7F30
G92 X34.175
G91 G0 X12.7
G91 G0 Y25.4
G91 G0 X-25.4
G38.2 Y-25.4 F30
G92 Y34.175
G91 G0 Y03.175
G91 G0 Z11.35
G91 G0 Y- 15.875
G38.2 Z-25.4 F30
G92 Z5
G91 G0 Z3.175
G91 G0 Y25.4 X25.4

There are a bunch of links on this scattered on the wiki — but AFAICT, no straight-forward, step-by-step process.

bCNC has support for probing for the purpose of auto-leveling — I think the simplest thing to do would be to examine it’s source code, and work out a way to extract the coordinate data from whatever structures / data it generates.

I have some software called G code generator and it produces the above - the lines seem correct but the code is not accepted as a txt by CM - the script above should be solid…

Probably Carbide Motion isn’t accepting the probing commands since that’s a fairly recent addition, and not a typical use case.

Please try that code in bCNC, or UGS, or directly key it into the MDI in CM.

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Thats the way I was heading, I just wanted to stick with CM as long as I could, if I get into UGS I’m down a slippery slope. I don’t even CM accepts multiline commands?

I will try my Mac build 4.08 and see what happens

Is there a dummies guys to UGS setup for S3 Parameters?

There are pages on the wiki:

but only bCNC is tricky to install (and I believe it’s pretty well covered above and on its github pages). UGS usually just d/ls and installs — all the defaults which are relevant ought to be in Grbl, so carried forward.

Here’s another link / term which may help: coordinate-measuring machine (CMM)