Probing cycle failed - HDM


I am receiving a “probing cycle failed” message. Every time this happens, the spindle gets to the point where it is above the HDM bitsetter, moves down an inch or so, and fails.

It seems that it is aware that the bitsetter is there, I had one attempt where it actually hit the bitsetter, stopped, then retracted and gave the failed message.

Please let me know if anyone else has had this issue, or any advice.

Thank you in advance.

I had this issue on my SO3, the Bit Zero clamp was touching the probe.

In Carbide Motion Settings menu, go check if the “GRBL Active Input Pins” reads “PROBE” even before initializing. If so, this means the controller reads the probe input as active, which leads to what you are seeing. It’s then a matter of figuring out why the electrical connection is faulty, support should be able to help you troubleshoot

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I’d re-send the grill settings for the HDM.

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Seems that the connection was bad, I am now able to probe the machine. Now, I just have to figure out why it is hitting the limit switch after starting a job…

If you’re getting limit switch errors while a job is going I’ve found it’s my plugs, getting some liquid or chips in them especially after a big run of aluminum cutting. In plug and blow them out, seems to fix it most of the time

The HDM uses NC switches - if they disconnect during use, this acts like a trigger. I’d give the connectors a good look over.


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