Probing error with UGCS

I’m using UGCS with a Triquetra probe (I gave up waiting for the official probe). I have the probe connected, but UGCS throws an error any time I try to probe (Z, XYZ, or XY). When probing XYZ the Z axis moves up a few millimeters and then UGCS throws a slew of errors and goes into alarm state. I’m using a recent nightly build of the platform version. Has anyone else had a similar issue?

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If you are probing using UGCS the Z movement needs to be a negative number. I’m not sure why.

I imagine it’s trying to probe positively then not hitting anything which causes the error.

this video might help

I * think* these are also the right settings for XYZ. If it doesn’t work remove the negative on this screen


It’s probably negative because (in general) stuff for the Z axis is “negative is down, positive is up.”

If you’re using millimetres, -10 is likely to be “10 millimetres downwards”. :slight_smile: