Probing with the Nomad

I just downloaded the latest update to Carbide Motion and saw the video for their soon to be released zeroing probe. Very excited. Have been testing a third party zeroing probe for the last couple of weeks and was getting close to being able to use it as part of my machining workflow. I love the process in general so I’m happy to have done a little investigating and testing to a fairly successful stage. Now that Carbide 3D is coming out with their own, more integrated, version of the probing plate, I think I’ll wait for theirs. I wish they had chimed in a little after me asking questions about my probing plate. Just to give me a little hint to wait a little. Oh, well. All is good if learning is the path.
I have a question. I wonder how their probe will connect to the Nomad. I had to splice my touch plate to the length probe. Not the most user friendly but it works great. Any hints Carbide 3D?.

I just googled and found this it looks awesome!!!

CAn’t wait to get this guys.

Really excited to see this being integrated into carbide-motion. I’ll be ordering one as soon as they become available.

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Any updates on when this will be available Rob Grzesek? I’m getting excyted!!

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We have the new M codes working to do the probing, and we’re getting the PCB’s ordered now. We did make a change to the circuit to make it easier to hack onto a Nomad. (Although that isn’t the main goal of the product)

We changed to aluminum for the body because it turned out that we’re repeating to less than .001" even without the extra weight to hold it down.

I’ll try to remember to post a video in the next day.


Shut up and take my money.


I see so it’s really a shape oko think, could you use the same probe for the shape oko and the nomad? That could convince me to buy a shape oko too :slight_smile:

haha, these guys only know awesome engineering aye, no abilty to close the sale :slight_smile: But then that’s why they are so good.

Also waiting impatiently. Ready to buy. Anything you can tell us on how the connection will happen for Nomad Classic users?. @robgrz

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I’m with Alex… Take my Money!!! I want!!

anything??? lol 20 minimum

Our electronics vendor has an order in for PCB’s and they have the go ahead to assemble them when the PCB’s arrive. They’re literally at the other end of the building so we’ll be getting them as they’re assembled.

We’ll probably get the metal ordered next week so we can be ready to get the machining done while the PCB’s are being assembled.

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Ooohhhh!!!. So exciting. I’m so ready. Can’t wait!

will there be a pocket in the bottom for positive engagement to the sides of the stock? or is it just eyeballed along the two sides?

Our goal was maximum surface area to keep the unit from sliding around so we don’t have an bottom pocket. I will see if we can add some threaded holes on the bottom so that a small L bracket can be added if you’d like to use it that way.

that sounds great. I am really looking forward to seeing these.

@robgrz can you explain why you are worried it would slide around?. Wouldn’t having a pocket in the bottom stop it from sliding as the bit pushes the side to get it’s measurement?. Also it gives the user a way to hold it in position accurately. Am I missing something?. So looking forward to this purchase.

updates please… really looking forward to this one and I hope it can work on nomad and shapeoko

PCB’s are in production now. Unfortunately, it’s peak season for the company we use so it’s taking a little longer than normal.

Any idea on cost? also will there be an email notification when these are available?