Problem importing Fusion 360 file into Carbide Motion ( Bad characters in G-code file)

Hello everyone,
First time here so please be lenient with my request for help.
I’m having an issue with Carbide Motion, CM refusing to load my Fusion file.

The file in question is a height map of Montreal. It’s a simple map, based on the video tutorials made by Winston Moy and seems straitforward to do. I made a nice 3D rendition of the area (Terrain2stl-Blender-Fusion) and made my way through the making and machining portion of the project.

I’m doing my first pass with adaptive 3D with a 1/8" end mill followed by a parralel finishing with a 1/16" ball mill.
Nothing too fancy but I get the Bad Character in Z-code file when I export my completed project.
Trying to locate the problem, I exported a file with only the adaptive clearing and this step is accepted by Carbide Motion.
But if I include a second operation, be a contour, a ramp or Z constant, Carbide Motion rejects it. I think that this is a small g-code issue but I would really like to nail it. I’ve searched everywhere, Youtube, here, the Carbide Motion docs but no success.

I’m using the latest Carbide Motion 537. Fusion is always up to date.
Included is the file of my project (407.2 KB)

Cheers and thanks in advance for any information leading to a solution

Hi @MarcOne,

I’m pretty sure the problem comes from the accented letters in the comments, like this one on line 10:


As a workaround only use non-accented letters (e.g. in your toolpath names) and it should work.

C’est bien dommage que CM ne fasse pas plus d’effort pour comprendre le français cela dit! :slight_smile:


Julien, You have more experience with accented letters but I thought that comments were ignored. The US keyboard has no accented letters so I have no experience with them.

Since you are French and Windows is internationalized, how do you have your computer set up? Do you run US English or French? Do you run both and switch back and forth? Do you have separate keyboards. It is interesting to me how you manage two languages and use CC and CM which seem to be US centric in their software.

They are eventually ignored at runtime, but CM first reads the file and complains about “unusual” characters (before even parsing the G-code)

I have my OS & most of my software installed/configured in English (e.g. especially for cases where I’ll have to make screenshots and share them…) but my keyboard has a French layout. This works just fine since I have access to both accented and non-accented letters on the keyboard. The only compromise I have to make is using “.” as a decimal separator in some software that are not properly internationalized (I’m looking at you, CC!), rather the “,” we usually use, but that’s really a very minor inconvenience. Now, wrapping my head around the Imperial units, now THAT is my real challenge :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply!
That makes sense. I’m using Fusion in French, the reason being that I will teach it to people in this language. I remember now that g-code is an old language that was created well before I18n.
I will make the necessary modifications and test it out next Monday and keep you posted on the results.

Merci beaucoup Julien !

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Hello all,
Accented characters were indeed the culprit!
On Monday, I tested the file (that I corrected) and I still got the Bad Character message, I checked the g-code and found a special character that I overlooked, I made the correction and the file loaded correctly in Carbide Motion.
Thank you all for the help !



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