Problem sending data to the laser!

Hrmmm. No expert here but the words ‘firmware’ and X Loader make me think you flashed the firmware for something else onto the Carbide3D controller? That might one source of your troubles returning to CNC mode - would probably need to reflash back to the Carbide3D GRBL firmware…

Hi Phil and Neil !
Thank you both for your response to my questions.
I tried to download the GRB G Code Sender but I always end up getting this .hex file and to upload this hex file I needed the X Loader. So I downloaded the X loader and like the instructions stated, I loaded this grbl_v1.1f.hex file over to my CNC controller. When I did this the first time with my tablet it worked fine. I just can not get it to work after I changed it over to my desk top PC.
I am not quite sure how to copy the grbl settings to the notepad. But I will try to get a copy from these grbl settings and post it here as soon as I figure it out!

Do you know that you had 1.1f installed previously. If you upgraded your firmware (most likely from v0.9), then you probably lost your grbl settings.
We’d have to know more about your setup to help beyond that. If you send $$ to the machine, it will report back with your settings. Just copy and paste them here.

Just FYI: use the updater, here -> . and don’t mess with the hex file and xloader.

The comments about settings above are important - as is the version of CM you’re using.

Hi Neil,
My settings:
Grbl 1.1f [’$’ for help]



@franazzo Nothing there is standing out to me to give you the Z-axis issues. Usually a

is caused by something mechanical. Could the Z belt /pulley be loose or reaching its limit?
Are you using Carbide Motion? Which version? With 1.1, you should be using CM4.

Hi Mike
I finally have my software running again(Lightburn). If I do use the Updater, does this mean that it will delete my laser settings? Will doing this, bring it back to the factory reset settings? Thanks

Thanks Neil, I checked everything last night. The pulley and the belt seem to be fine but I think one pin plugged in the control board was perhaps too loose!?!? So the laser is working again:-) . I just can not find anything how to make the switch back to use the router again. I am not using the Carbide Motion. I am using Universal G Code Sender and G Code Sender does not allow me to change the ports. It only shows COM3.

You don’t need to change the ports unless you’re changing controllers (the board controlling your machine).

What’s not working? Do you have the router setup to turn on and off automatically?

I turn the router manually off and the Z axis is still the problem.

NO. Changing the firmware always wipes out settings. If you run 1.1 grbl, you need CM4 to set them. If you run .9 grbl, you need CM3.

Why won’t lightburn use grbl 1.1? grbl 1.1 has some nice laser features that .9 doesn’t. You really shouldn’t need to swap firmware.

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Swapping firmware is also a concern because the EEPROM has a finite number of writes — I know it’s supposed to take longer than the board is likely to be usable, but it just takes one failure of one memory location to brick the machine.

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Hi Mike, I noticed that: You must have homing switches on your machine .
I don’t have a homing switch, so I have to look for an other solution.
Thank you for your help and time.

Then you can’t use CM4.

@franazzo Can you describe what you’re trying, with what software, and what results you’re getting?

To revert to Grbl 0.9 so that you can use Carbide Motion 3 and not need homing switches please see:

I am trying to use my CNC again after I installed the Lightburn software. The Z axis is comp lit out of wack.
I will try to change the GRBL 1.1f back to 0.9

Hi Wil
I think I need to start fresh with the whole mess. I will report back. Thanks again.

Hi Wil, is that the button on the bottom left of the board? though below the button it says “reset”.
Before I start to re flush, I read the instructions, it says that instead of holding down the Z axis switch you could press the “Program” button and keep it pressed down until the process completes. But, I checked it with a magnifying glass and I could not see a Program button. ?

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