Problem: VCarve Toolpath for straight lines not showing in Simulation

Hi. New to Carbide Create. Using version 628.

All simulations show just fine except VCarve - with the caveat that text works. Straight lines do not show.

I’ve been trying to put a decorative box around holes using straight lines. A straight line will not show in the simulation for a vbit using VCarve.

Updates to my Surface Pro (Windows 11) for OpenGL have been made. My OpenGL is 4.6.0 Build

I don’t think it is the OpenGL as I can get text to work in the Simulation.

No doubt I am doing something bone-headed. Suggestions?

Could you post a screen grab or a file?

I can get straight line V carvings using a rounded rectangle:

Hi Will. Very interesting. I can get your example to work too.

So, I am thinking my boneheadedness is that I was using a line instead of something like an elongated box. Is that my issue?

I was erroneously thinking that a simple line could be used.

Thanks for improving my learning curve on this. I believe that is the ticket.

Correct. V carving does not work w/ open geometry, only closed.

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