Problem whit Carbide create

I am not able to work whit Carbide Create at this time. When i open the software, lot off number are red in the different menu and when a try to change them whit the information i need, noting change and the number stay red. I’m i doing sorting wrong whit the installation or simply i do not understand the software?



You need to scroll down and click on OK. Is you can’t see the OK, move the curser closer to where the scroll should be and it should show up. See the photo:

You should ALSO watch these training videos

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Yes i now that, but in all the video (i look all of them) all the digit are black and not my. Same think when i try to change the spacing of the grid, when i try to change and scale a shape i just draw. I dont now why the red color and why the information are not in memory when i go back to check my info. in the toolpath menu, i try to program a V-bit and the diameter don’t stay in de setting of the bit, can i use it? I include 2 screens to explain what i say. on to demonstrate what i do to program my v-bit and the other is the screen after i save the bit whit a NaN in bit whit no diameter and no length.

What i 'm doing wrong whit that software?

Are you trying to use a comma (,) in stead of a period (.)?

I don’t know what NaN means, but it’s not allowed. You need to numbers and decimal (Period)

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Yes i use comma because when i try to use period the software don’t take it. I use a french keyboard , do you think it can be a problem? The NaN is put there by the software, not by me. I do all the same they do in the video and i do not understand. The next step for me will be to try to engrave on a junk mdd board i watch what my Shapeoko will do.

Yes, I also get NaN when I try to use a comma but not when I use a period. Try changing them and let us know the results.

NaN stands for “Not a Number”. It sounds like the comma is confusing the program, as it is not properly localized for your region.

Thank you for the explanation off the NaN. I think i will change de configuration of my computer just to make a test.