Problem with design of badge when importing svg

GPD Badge.c2d (2.4 MB)

I’ve imported a badge I’m working on and having problems. The SVG has a lot of overlapping parts to it that I’m having to boolean out and it’s very time consuming.

I feel I’m not doing the best job at it and wondering if there’s a better way, or if I’m doing it wrong. I’ve attached screenshots of what I have so far, what it imported as and a screenshot of the original picture of the badge. I’ve also uploaded the carbide file I’ve editted with the original uploaded if someone wanted to take a gander.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you



If you’re still stuck, let us know the specifics and we’ll do our best to walk through it with you.

Thank you, Will. I’m still trying to figure it out in inkscape. I’ve been able to get it to break apart and then changed the display modes as described. Defintely having trouble from there on in inkscape with unions and removing things. First time with inkscape and I’m not super tech savy on the design side of things, so I’m slow to pick up. This is seemingly like a complicated design / edit at the time for me, so I appreciate the help. You refer to punching out in your post, what command is that in inkscape?

Difference. See:


What materials are you using, and how do you plan to cut this? Engrave it all on one surface? Layer it? Epoxy pour?
How you plan to make the final part determines what you need to do with the vectors.

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