Problem with g-code generating

(Szymon) #1


Recently I had tried to generate g-code file using Carbide 3D Create. Everything is fine but not with g-code file. I think that it is a problem with generating g-code file. When I open .nc file I see, that everything is wrote without “Enter” and “Space”. Lots of g-code program have a problem to open this file and I don’t know how to solve this problem.

Also when I’m opening a huge .sgv file in Carbude 3D Create, it is crashing when I’m trying create toolspaths.


(William Adams) #2

Please send any problem files in to (or post them here) and we’ll do our best to help.

(ted brantley) #3

I have noticed the same issue. I’ve found that if you view in Wordpad the file will look “normal”.

(Szymon) #4

@brantley You’re rigth. Thank you.

@WillAdams So, when I’m uploading big .sgv file, the program is “not responding” when I’m trying to create g-code file. I have to wait few minutes for the program to start. I think that .sgv is too big (too complicated). Unfortunatelly, now I don’t have access to this file, and I can’t send it to the support.

Is it possible to use g-code file from Carbide Create in other programs like: Universal Gcode Sender?

(Adam Albert) #5

I have not looked at this myself, but this smells a lot like the output is missing both the CR and LF at the end of each line. Linux doesn’t require both, but Windows does.

(William Adams) #6

Yes, Carbide Create emits plain text G-Code which may be used as desired.