Problem with g-code generating


Recently I had tried to generate g-code file using Carbide 3D Create. Everything is fine but not with g-code file. I think that it is a problem with generating g-code file. When I open .nc file I see, that everything is wrote without “Enter” and “Space”. Lots of g-code program have a problem to open this file and I don’t know how to solve this problem.

Also when I’m opening a huge .sgv file in Carbude 3D Create, it is crashing when I’m trying create toolspaths.


Please send any problem files in to (or post them here) and we’ll do our best to help.

I have noticed the same issue. I’ve found that if you view in Wordpad the file will look “normal”.

@brantley You’re rigth. Thank you.

@WillAdams So, when I’m uploading big .sgv file, the program is “not responding” when I’m trying to create g-code file. I have to wait few minutes for the program to start. I think that .sgv is too big (too complicated). Unfortunatelly, now I don’t have access to this file, and I can’t send it to the support.

Is it possible to use g-code file from Carbide Create in other programs like: Universal Gcode Sender?

I have not looked at this myself, but this smells a lot like the output is missing both the CR and LF at the end of each line. Linux doesn’t require both, but Windows does.

Yes, Carbide Create emits plain text G-Code which may be used as desired.