Problem with new Sweepy Dust boot

Am I using this incorrectly or this is a design issue? I was pulling my hair out trying to cut these pieces just to find out that the brushes are so stiff that they stop the router from plunging down. I’m assuming, maybe incorrectly, that the brushes should push off to the sides so this doesn’t happen? What’s going on here?

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You should set the length of the endmill so that the brushes will just touch the surface of the material at the deepest plunge.


Do you install the bristles on the Sweepy? Reason I ask, is because with the Suckit they have a particular direction to them because when force on the brushes its eaiser if they “fan” out vs “fold” in

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Well, I guess that’s a solution, but that means the brushes will be 3/4" above the surface and will miss a lot of dust. Seems like that’s not the best for a dust boot.

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No, it came pre-installed with no instructions.

I assume they are removable, try to flip the direction? If that fails, my guess is that longer brushes that are supposed to be made available soon will have less tensile/spring force and would collapse easier under compression.

So I tried this but the problem is that the top piece which dictates how high up it sits on the router has a lip on it so it can’t go far up and so in my videos it’s as far UP the router as it can go so it’s impossible to move the bushes up any more unless i bring the bit really far down which is dangerous.

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I don’t want to break it, they don’t appear to come out easily.

Longer brushes would probably help, I’m just confused why they are selling these as is if they don’t work. :worried:

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I’ve had issues like this as well (on different boot), longer bristles help, also angled them outward to help guide them to bend (in that direction). Not sure if you can adjust them on the Sweepy

I had the same problem. I removed the brushes until I got something different. That item just wasn’t usable for me.

To run it so it works the end I’ll has to be this far down out off the fillet which is not going to happen.

Only other suggestion is clamp the bottom of the dust boot to a surface with the bristles fanned out… apply a heat gun to the nylon (not too long) and see if you can get them to “remember” a slightly fanned out shape.

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We are planning on releasing an accessory set of shoes which have different bristle lengths.

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So, just so I’m clear…the plan is to sell a product that doesn’t work unless you then buy the additional accessory set that isn’t out yet?


for your application it would seem.

The height is dictated by the available router body exposed below the mount.

I imagine you could seat your router further down in the mount, update the bit height accordingly. Then you have a bit more real estate to work with.

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Running a through cut in 0.75" material is the best use case for the Z independent dust boots.
I will probably get a Sweepy, when my homemade situation breaks, for the other type of operations that the SuckIt style boot isn’t ideal.
I’ve not seen any dust boot, $30 or more, that works in all situations.


Hey Ryan D,

I designed a dust boot for my router and 3D printed it and it works great. I ordered the bristles from amazon and just attached it with a HVAC zip tie. I can send you the CAD file if you’d like and what you do with it is up to you.


I hope you offer the new brushes to existing purchasers of the dysfunctional for free? If not that’s pretty terrible business integrity if you ask… anyone.


Man, it’s a tough crowd in here…

Sweepy, the Dust Boot that Sucks…
Maybe that was a warning instead of an advertising ploy.


Thanks, that looks good. I already have one that was printed and works well except it’s a pain to change bits so I wanted one that was easier which is why I like the sweepy. In that respect it works great, it’s super quick to change bits and it does a great job at collecting dust it just doesn’t come with a working bristle solution which makes it much less useful