Problem with the SO3 XL

I just got my Shapeoko 3 in mail and started to assemble it but didn’t get very far. I had screwed in the leveling feet, and was starting to screw in the waste board and cross straps to the end plates and noticed that it was a little lopsided. So I took everything apart and noticed that 1 of the built in nuts used to secure the screws to the end plates from the wasteboard was the opposite of all of the others even the ones on the other side.

Does anyone know whether or not that should be like that and if not what I should do?

Try uploading the pictures again.

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Thanks so much! I wouldn’t have noticed!

Check in w/

It may be that you can drive it out and replace it but you should let them know and have the option to send a replacement

Also they need to know about this to keep it from happening.

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any ideas @ApolloCrowe?

If it does not hold anything but the wasteboard , could you just counter bore the bottom of the wasteboard to clear the PEM nut?

Is it a missing pem nut (threaded insert)?
Hard to tell from the picture.
If you compare it to the matching bracket, - and it is indeed a missing pem nut then you can proceed with your build, using a 5mm nut or you can wait for us to send you an insert.

no that isn’t the problem the problem is that the nut is on the wrong side of the plate cause the waste board to be tilted

Oh shoot sorry I didn’t realize that only one picture showed up. This picture is looking at the other side.

It isn’t that the nut is missing it is that it is on the wrong side. Sorry I didn’t see that earlier.

Is that for the leveling feet?

No it is for the m5x20 screws for securing the waste board and cross straps to the end plates

And whatever it connects to isn’t meant to go under that? I have the smaller machine w/o the straps, hopefully someone with a larger machine can chime in.

No, because with the nut on the top it creates a slant in the waste board and then I cant screw the screws in all the way so the waste board will be loose.

But couldn’t grind off the area that is on the wrong side, and then put a nut on the correct side, and be up and running in minutes. Right?

How would you suggest doing that? @RichCournoyer

I’m with Craig, I’d counter bore the wasteboard on the bottom to accommodate the nut and be done with it. It will take you 2 seconds with a good drill and proper size bit. The wasteboard will sit flat after that.
But you should still tell CC support so they can makesure manufacturing isn’t an issue on their end also (May save a few more customers)

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