Problem with toolpaths for curves

I have a cabinet door that I am trying to copy a curved contour. When I make the toolpaths the tool wants to put a line from each end of the curve??? Here is a pic of what it is I want to do.

The toolpaths are open at each end. (open paths are identified by being in magenta — not sure why they’re supported if open paths are auto-closed, why not just close all paths)

You will need to close them manually. Shapeoko CNC Router, Rigid, Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable

You can close a toolpath in CC (after the fact) by using the line or curve tool to connect two end points. Then highlight and use the join feature.

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I did get one of them to join in a previous try, but now I don’t have that option in Create when I highlight them. Not sure where that went??

When I draw it in Inkscape the vertical lines aren’t there.

Please post the SVG file.

thats all it would do

The drawing is actually all there — it’s just that the only thing which shows is what’s on the page. Enlarging the page allows the hole thing to show.

What you have is an outer rectangle which is a path with 4 nodes and six additional objects.

To fix them and combine them into a single path please:

  • open in an SVG editor
  • select all and set the drawing region to match the paths (in Inkscape this is done by Edit | Select All, File | Document Properties, Resize Page to Content, click Resize Page to Drawing or Selection)
  • select and delete extraneous overlapping geometry (the vertical lines of which there are two versions of each)
  • draw in a rectangle which reaches from inside one curve to the other (without touching the curves)
  • Select the top and bottom curve and the newly drawn connecting rectangle
  • Path | Union
  • use the node editing tool to delete the extra points which make notches along the sides and then move the resultant curve off point nodes to convert that portion of the paths to straight lines

You might also want to remove the gradient effect which makes the lines light grey.

Once you’re done you’ll have a file like to: