Problem with V Cutting with chips stuck in cut slots


I’m facing some problems while doing v-cutting. Chips remain in the v-cut slots and could not be removed easily by vacuum. It seems like the bottom was not cut cleanly but the top was cut quite cleanly. Initially I suspected it was due to feed rate and spindle RPM. For my first try, my feedrate was at 50mm/min and spindle RPM was 3000rpm. I suspected the rpm was too slow so I checked up G-Wizard’s recommendation and increased the RPM to 9000 and feedrate at to 188.7mm/min. This got me the below picture. It seems it did not improve very much.

Has anyone faced this problem or have any recommendations?

What sort of endmill are you using?

Looks to me as if the V-angle is too acute for the size which you wish to cut — guidelines here:

I don’t think this is a problem. You just have to clear it. I am thinking this is part of a process. I did this kind of engraving far a while and I come to accept it as a process. I am assuming you are using v-bit and is 0.1 or 0.2 mm at the tip. Your step over said 0.3x so the tip of the bit is only offset (moved) by 0.03mm(0.0012"). It is very close to the optimum(theoretical) limit(accuracy) of the mill. Also depends of the grain and flex of the tip. Also wood gives, more so with Pine than Maple. Remember it is only 0.1mm. Also the tip will not be sharp forever. I notice after a while it has more or more left over but it is really easy to clean them with carving tool from Michaels.

When I carved this guy here, I just used the wire brush bit on my Dremel to clear out any chips left behind. I didn’t have as many as in the OP’s photo, but should still work.

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There will probably always be some chips left over, especially as small as the work appears. I have had decent luck with a toothbrush or wire brush and the air hose from my compressor.

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