Problems v carving text

Hi there, ok so I’m new to Carbide create. When I try and v carve text it looks like a skeleton. Why isn’t the cutter following the centerline of text to make a nice letters?
Please help lol.
It’s the latest version of carbide create btw.
Using a shapeoko XL

Thank you

If you’ve written text and have selected that text with the v-carve toolpath (and also make sure you have a v-bit selected in the tool of the toolpath, that should work. Things can go sideways if you have multiple objects (text and a shape outside for example). Are you able to post a file or share a screenshot of what you’re talking about?

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What size text are you setting?

What is the greatest diameter your V endmill can cut?

How thick is your stock, and what depth will it allow the V endmill to cut?

Do you have a BitSetter? If so, try advanced V carving, or use the utility to split up such files:

These are 2 examples
The second one traced the outside of the letters.

I’m using a 1/4 dia 60 deg bit
3/4” material.
No bit setter.

Post your file.

If your V endmill is only 1/4" in diameter, you will only be able to cut text which is 1/4" at its widest point.

update below…

Are you able to post the carbide create file? You’ve posted the .nc file which is the gcode that is sent to the machine.

legaultsign.c2d (372.1 KB)

Sorry, here it is…

The outer square-ish bit is too wide for the vcarve to do.
Here’s a modified file for the text, which should look fine.legaultsign-1.c2d (376.7 KB)

HI rob,

The #302 is defined as a 1/2" diameter bit. You can define a new 1/4" bit and advanced vcarve will work fine or use a bit with the geometry that matches the tool definition. The code is doing what it thinks is correct but the tool is too narrow for the resulting cut to match your expectations.

Actually try this:
legaultsign-2.c2d (380.3 KB)

Thank you Josh, .400" seems pretty deep???

Your updated file is now using a 1/2" 90 degree vbit. You will not get the desired results using a 1/4" 60 degree bit with paths defined for different tooling.

Thanks Lester, i will have to add my cutter into the library.
I saw a youtube video where the guy used a 1/8" endmill in toolpath but put in a v bit and it worked good.

You can certainly change depth. I don’t think I actually intentionally set that. Just wanted to get you the toolpaths proper.

Josh, can i not do the outline if the square trim with a v bit?
I dont want it to be solid.


Ok no problem

You want the vbit tracing the outside square area basically?

Yes sir that is correct