Problems with CC v.432 (unstable)

Hey Guys,
Has anyone else out there had difficulties with the CC ver. 432 (unstable)? I am getting a few that are becoming a nuisance. One of them is when I click on an entity and try to move it ( sometimes, not all) it will disappear and move down to the lower left hand corner, and sometimes completely off the grid. Another one now is when I move things out of the way and do a resize on a entity the program will freeze on the centering screen and will not come back unless I completely exit the program, it still allows me to save it though.
And finally, this one happens on a regular basis - if I have a large project that I am working on and run a tool path, then delete it it shows up in the drawing as all grey. Then if I want to open another file - it crashes- almost like the file is too big for it. ( I get these crashes on both machines pretty regular) I have the program on 2 different machines - one on Windows 7 and another in the shop on Windows 10- they both act the same. I have been in touch with Will, but I just wanted to know if anyone else has been experiencing any of these problems as well. Is there a updated version from what I have out there? I have 8gig ram on one and only 6 gig on the other , I wonder if this is the problem?

Carbide Create 433 is now the stable version:

If you’re willing to have CC be limited to only a couple of materials, try 446 which is in beta:

Hey Will,
If I upgrade to that one will I lose all files? I also see that this one is not intended for Windows 7? Is that correct?

There are some issues where newer versions will not import files from older versions correctly — best thing to do is to export any such files to SVG. Also, send them in to us at and we’ll do our best to help.

Windows 7 is being removed from system requirements/compatibility since it will be EOL on 14 January — if it continues to work, we won’t change that, if something breaks that and fixing it involves anything which interferes with cleanly supporting supported operating systems, it won’t be fixed.

Hey Will,
Just a heads up on the upgrade -both machines did well -uninstalled on both before re-installing 433, they both even migrated all files in with no problems. So far I have not encountered any of the previous problems …yet. Thanks!


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