Problems with tool path no being generated in CC

Problems with NO tool path in CC.

Sometimes when doing a design and setup a toolpath, no tool path is generated.

For example attached file despite setting the bit, the cut depth etc, it shows no tool path is generated.
I have the same design which I have used and it will generate, confused.
3 XXL, not sure what I am doing wrong. Design is on MAC

no tool path.c2d (3.5 MB)

each of these holes has 4 concentric circles to make two rings - I suspect you are setting the tool path to cut between each pair of circles in which case the circular pocket is way less than your bit size of 0.125" - so no toolpath can be generated as the bit will not fit.

Zoom right in and you can see what is going on

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I am doing 2 cuts

1 an 12 mm x 2mm recess and then setting it up for a 9 mm hole in centre with an offset cut.

I had it all ok and deleted 1 column off holes on left and then it stopped working

i thought that’s what you intended. you only need two circles (not 4) for each hole. The larger circle 12mm with a 2mm deep pocket is one tool path and then a second toolpath all the way through your stock using the inner circle.

BTW - since your holes are over 0.25" you can use a 0.25" bit and do this a LOT quicker

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I edit the file several times and maybe where the error crept in.

How do I delete the offset cuts from the design ?

In Carbide Create it is very tedious to delete the unwanted circles. You need to Zoom in and click a unwanted circle vector then shift-click each unwanted circle (to select multiples) . Then just press delete. Or you can delete one vector at a time.

Beware that if you miss a circle vector accidentally and click the background then ALL your selections will go away and you have to start again.

It may be easier to draw the whole thing from scratch — up to you.

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ok, just spent the last few minutes deleting all the offset cuts.

Seems to work ok now.

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

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