Problems with Z axis.... possibly slipping

I have learned how to calibrate all the axis but now I have another problem was wondering if I could get help with. The z axis I’ll calibrate it and then as it moves up and down in a job it seems to be inaccurate. And sometimes like makes a pop noise as it goes up and down. I don’t know maybe it’s belt slipping? But how do you resolve it if is belt slipping? Or do you think it’s another issue?

The x and y don’t pop and seem to stay true to their calibration value. Just the z…thanks to all!

I also tried replying in other threads about z slipping but it wouldn’t let me reply for some reason so sorry for starting a new topic.

Sounds like the belt is slipping. You need to increase the belt tension. Also check the z pulley grub screws

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Ok yea that’s what I was thinking…but still haven’t had to increase tension b4 on z axis. So could you describe maybe how to do that? And also what to do with the grub screws? Where located? Thanks

The pulley screw is that attached to the motor shaft, there are two set screws that need to be real tight.

The belt tension is set by a set screw at the bottom of the axis. Loosen the M5 screw then screw the M4 vertical screw down and it should increase the tension.


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