Program freezes

My program freezes in the middle of the project. This is the second time in 2 days. It gets to half way done and just stops. I have the latest program revision for carbide motion. Its getting frustrating when you think everything looks good then it just stops. I have to shut the program down and start over.

Can anyone guide me with this problem


Hi @prorc,

This may be EMI-induced disconnection between the machine’s controller and the computer running Carbide Motion. Get in touch with and they’ll advise.

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Does the program just freeze or is the "Connect to machine"appear.

The program freezing may be your computer too busy. Open task manager and see if cpu and/or disk is near 100 percent. Occassionally Windows sucks up all my resources for unknown reasons.

If you get connect to machine it may be static disconnections. There is a lot of advise on forum for this case.

Determine if it is computer or Shapeoko first then move form there.

No it doesn’t say connect to machine. I’m also using MAC. It appears to still be connected but the program itself freezes. It won’t let me pause or stop. But yet I can go to other tabs in the program but nothing happens. It’s weird, I know. I’ve also been having problems with my Z axis. Its not very accurate. I’m always .004 to .010 out. Even after setting everything to zero. I tend to set it up then start the project then stop it and recheck my Z axis. Most times its out and the amount varies. If I do these a couple of times eventually its close enough that I let it go. I’m wondering if I have a board problem.

Please write in to — most likely you have a bad Z-axis wiring extension.

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