Program not cutting part of model. (File in post)

I’ve successfully cut this geometry twice now, but both times it has failed to cut the pockets in the four corners. Corner holes are 3.3mm, the .125" endmill calculates 3.175mm.

Do I need to use a smaller endmill?

Attached are the files.

bb_door_front_v2_for_125_cutter.stl (86.5 KB)

bb door frt.mcf (83.1 KB)
front panel top (380.8 KB)

@rayjneal, yes, you will need a smaller cutter. Due to the way MeshCAM calculates its toolpaths, you need to use a cutter that is maximum about 90% of the slot or pocket size. And that is assuming you are using the tightest calculation tolerance (I work in inches and use .0001", I think the metric limit is .0025mm. if you can use .001mm that would be better)