Program to convert pictures to svg

Hello again. I’ve had several request for a pretty detailed pictures and I can’t seem to find a good app that can convert the picture to an SVG. Does anyone have a recommendation? When I import the picture into Carbide create and trace it it doesn’t come out all that well.

If auto-tracing doesn’t work, re-draw by hand?


Inkscape should work as well


I use Inkscape but the problem with busy photos is you get a lot of noise when converting. By noise I mean you get a lot of the background of the picture and you have to go in and clean it up. You can also try to turn your picture in to black and white to see what it looks like. In Inkscape you can adjust the sensitivity to hopefully get the main part you want. An SVG is only a 2D image and usually converts the bitmap image to lines that are black and white. From the black and white you can convert to an SVG.

If using Inkscape the default of Save As is the Inkscape SVG. The Inkscape is 76 DPI. So click on the file type and Save As Regular SVG. That saves at 96 DPI. CC imports at 96 DPI so a 76 DPI image will be made bigger. To fix that draw a retangle or circle the size you want the image to be and import it. Then group the SVG and resize it to fit in the rectangle or circle you created before import.

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Thank you. I will certainly give it a try.

The automatic trace provided by some tools only gets you so far. Beyond the simple logo trace situations, there’s generally some skill involved that comes with experience and patience. Good graphic designers do more than most people could imagine.
Starting with an automatic trace and then spending time manipulating individual nodes can often get you close, but it takes time.
With a photo, the end goal makes a big difference. Got an example of what you’re trying to do?


I use Super Vectoriser Pro… it is a one time sub $40 purchase for life. I do not know if it is Mac only.

EDIT: looks like it may be Mac only.

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What version of Inkscape are you using ? The old 0.92 was the lower DPI
The latest version is 96 DPI

I have been using Inkscape for a long time. You could be right but I never went back and investigated that Inkscape updated the SVG format for their Inkscape SVG. In my earlier versions of Inkscape it saved as an SVG at 76 DPI. Good if they fixed it.

Try here its free and does a good job. I use it all the time

Wow! I like this! Thanks

You can also convert other types of files to SVG.

Here’s another one i use occasionally

Can you share one of the images you’re trying to convert?