Programed cuts not honoring manual X,Y & Z zeroing

Ok, so I plan a simple circle shape and toolpath in Carbide Create. The ‘Job Setup’ forces me to chose a Toolpath Zero, I choose ‘center’. I it send to Carbide Motion. In CM I manually jog Z axis down just off my stock and zero the machine. However when I run the cut, the spindle ignores the zero and resets itself to some preset values with the Z well above my stock. The job continues to run, but needless to say the cut (if it engages the stock at all) does not go down to the planned depth. What gives???

In job setup, where you have the option to set stock thickness, you also have the option to choose the Z origin as Top or Bottom — apparently this can be changed by an inadvertent scroll wheel scrolling — please check that in your .c2d file and set a matching zero for the machine when you start Carbide Motion.

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