Programming Custom V-Bit Parameters

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I hope you’re all having an excellent weekend. I’m reaching out for a little bit of guidance on setting custom v-bit parameters in Carbide Create. Traditionally, I’ve used the pre-installed V-Bit tools (301, 302, etc) in the tool library for most of my v-carving operations. However, I’m beginning to work on projects that are very intricate and require a smaller v-bit.

I have a Bits and Bits 30 degree v-bit (photo attached as well as the spec sheet provided by Bits and Bits) and want to make sure I’m inputting the correct information before running a file (I’ve also attached a photo of the tool library). To that end, I have a couple questions that I’m hoping someone can help with:

  1. When inputting the bit, is this considered one or two flutes? I assume its one flute, but this is all a newer area for me.

  2. When calculating flute length, what is the best method for getting the most accurate measurement? I’ve done a little research and I’ve been trying to dig deep into my memory bank when it comes to Trig, but want to make sure I get it right!. If anyone has a suggested formula or method for calculating the overall flute length of a v-bit I would be forever grateful.

I appreciate anyone who can help!

Photos attached below:

27 AM 52 AM

Spec Sheet:

1 flute. (Count rotating cutting edges)

The flute length setting is weird — I’ve always drawn up the endmill in a drawing program and rotated it, or done the trigonometry to calculate the actual length of the flutes, but apparently for the programs which use it, it’s more accurately described as total cutting depth and only used to determine how deeply the cutting flutes can be used (for example for taking a finishing pass).

Turns out it’s a moot point, since at this time, Carbide Create doesn’t use those numbers for anything.

Thanks, Will. I had a suspicion that the flute length wasn’t being used by the program… I assume then, that the program is simply calculating everything based of the total width of the shank and factoring in the 30 degree taper?

Current versions don’t calculate at all, just use the set feeds and speeds from the CSV — not sure about the internals of 433.

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Carbide Create more or less assumes and infinite long/wide V :wink:
if you cut deeper than your V can do due to its width, you’re not going to get the outcome you expect…

fwiw there are ways to deal with this, either within CC or with some addons

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Actually, I think it does depth limit now, based on the diameter. See: and

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hmm I clearly need to retest this on the latest versions… but yeah setting increasing depth limits is how you normally work around this

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