Project Feedback for Kickstarter "The AxiClock"

A couple years ago I had this idea for a clock that evolved over time. As time progressed, parts were drawn and a prototype was needed. Question was a buy 3D printer or CNC? I chose a CNC, the Nomad of course since it made much more sense with the various materials available, previous experience and ease of use right out of the box.
The clock is now complete and looking to start a Kickstarter campaign. I have manufacturers ready to make the parts & circuit boards but very expensive! I’ve attached a picture of the clock and would love to receive feedback on what you think of it? I’ve looked at alternative kickstarter project pledges such as providing the circuit board but the consumer CNC or 3D print the parts.
For those who have doubts on purchasing the Nomad, I believe my project speaks for itself with how great it is. Yes, I did machine those gears!
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My brain is stuck on the words “a clock that evolved over time.” That’s very Whosian, I think.

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Would a video demonstrate any parts/gear movement through the top?

Yes absolutely! Now the code was modified to increment 1min every few seconds for demonstration but with the completed program the gears move once every minute.

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Well, I’m no wizard of kickstarter, but I do know that I would happily pay you for a complete set of plans and drawings to make one of these myself. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested :smiley:

I too would be interested in your campaign…


I would like to know the depth you use, the cutting speed and the milling cutter you use to make a pinion.
Thanks . Is very nice work , congratulations .

Ditto on the plan proposition!

Hi JoseD3,

The depth of all the gears are 2.5mm. The way I was able to mill all the gears were through steps. First I would make gear blanks (no teeth) using 1/8 mill bit and then using a jig to hold the gear blank I would start making the teeth with 1/16 bit and then finish with 1/32 bit. As for the speed I used the recommended MeshCAM settings.
Than you! I appreciate the feedback!


Hi Jimidi,

Thank you, I will definitely be taking this into consideration!


Put me down as a “me too” on the plan proposition. I’m in it for the fun of making, so I’d be willing to pay a bigger margin on the plans than on the finished clock.