Project Issues: V-carve in Pocket & Text

I’m sure I’m not the first, but I’d like to formally request that there be a start depth setting added to v-carve toolpaths just as has already been done with many of the other tool path options. And also add to the wish list locking text box dimensions so they don’t change when text is modified (width, height or both) and also adding word wrap to text boxes (with alignment options of course).

But onto something else. I’m able to selecting the outline vector and internal text to create raised text inside a pocket; however, the counters (inside areas of letters - DRBOPQqeopgdab) do not get carved. And of course - If I choose to contour > outside with the letters selected letters, it’ll take one pass inside the counter but leave the middle depending on text size.

Is there a way to do this without adding external geometry to the text areas? Just checking before I go through that work!

Sorry - stupid mistake!

Great suggestions!

No, one has to add geometry AFAICT