Project view blank in "show simulation" or "show 3D"

Hi, my first post here so apologies in advance if I’ve don this wrong.

I’m trying to do my first 3D carve. I’ve seen the article on this forum related to this, and I’ve watched the video that shows that you need to create a rectangle around the project, etc. I’ve created a roughing toolpath (which like 20 hours!), but when I try to look at the project in 3D using either “show simulation” or “show 3D” I just get a blank view (absolutely nothing - I can still see the software controls, but the project viewing pane is completely blank. Any idea what the issue might be?

Which version of Carbide Create are you using?

Could you post the file or send it in to ?

Hi, I’m on build 623. I’ve attached the file here. I know the detail toolpath is wrong based on the time. I wasn’t really trying to get that right just yet - right now I’m just trying to get the view to work so I know that the rest of my workflow is right. Thanks!

owl_3d.c2d (268.3 KB)

Update to 652:

One issue is the finish toolpath has no vectors associated w/ it:

Once that is addressed:

Got it, thank you! I’ll do the upgrade now.

@WillAdams - one last question on this, if you don’t mind: the roughing tool path for this is more than 20 hours. Does that seem right? Seems like a very long time.

Yes, 3D toolpaths can take a long time — sometimes this is that the estimate is off — adjust feeds and speeds can help.