Project will retract above the machine?

Really? I’m currently sitting at -0.012 below program z height, and I have 2" of upward travel. And motion is telling me that my program zero is 2.9mm too high? And yes, I have the bitzero turned off so that I don’t have to lower my spindle in the mount. At least I didn’t think I would have to.

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You can skip it, but I don’t think we’ve heard of a bug in the bounds checking yet, so I’d be careful. It could be that the program zero is set wrong in the machine, or the G-code.

Worse case, it’s a short program. You can remove the cutter and run it as an air job just to be safe.

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Even after I had reset the bitzero, and lowered the spindle in the mount so I could hit it with the McFly, I still got the message, which I ignored and it’s currently mowing down the block.

Please post the file or send it to and we will try to look into this.

Here it is, Nothing special. (713 Bytes)

With how thick your material is, this is very common. It means what you have your retract height set to will cause the machine to over-travel in Z. Minimize your retract height, if you have no clamps on the top of the material, and the material is flat, set it really low, like 0.032".

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I had checked that, If you look at the code, the maximum Z height is 0.20" above zero, there’s still 2 inches of travel in the z height above the set zero.

What is the height in machine position where you are setting the origin relative to the stock?

I’m at work, so not near to the machine, but that piece of hard maple in the picture was 3 3/4" thick.

I’ve been seeing a lot of these complaints lately here & on the FB groups.

I can think of only 2 situations, if it’s working correctly, that would cause this:

  1. Loading the file BEFORE setting the workpiece zero. If the zero is still at the location for your last project, the new project may not fit in that space.

  2. Changing the tool without using the “Change Tool” button. If the old tool offset is still in effect, the new toolpath may exceed the machine envelope.

I rigorously follow the process…

Load first tool
Secure part & set workpiece zero
Load file

And have not seen this warning

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Because of how high the router is mounted, and using the McFly, I had the bitsetter turned off since it couldn’t reach it. And I had re initialized the machine. I’ve since moved on from this, and have the blocks knocked down to 3.40"

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