Project Wood Size

It was mentioned in the 1F vs Pro thread that it would be nice if a Shapeoko came in a size that would accept 4’ pieces of plywood. What all are you making that big?

Not always making things that need the whole board, but ripping down to 30ish inches to fit on the bed every time can waste a lot of material. Sometimes it’s just annoying as it adds friction to the process and can’t just chuck a board on.

Right now I’ve been making a lot of large items, in this case a 36x80" door that required 7 pieces. As you can see finishing edges adds more time to the install.

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What is that door, a Star Wars or other space vehicle door? All you need is a Storm Trooper rushing through that door.

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Good eye - it is modeled after a ship on The Expanse.

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That show has such a great aesthetic!


I’m super curious how you tiled that?

It really does. I’m a big fan of the MCR designs.

It’s not tiled in one sheet. I split up my design into different segments, cut each sheet separately, and then glued them back together to create the large final output.

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