Projects with Multiple Bits

Newbie here working on a Onefinity machine. I have some trays that I am making and it calls for 3 different bits. At the end of each toolpath the machine raises and pauses in place. If I jog the machine to bring the router to a better place for a tool change, the Onefinity basically locks up and won’t continue on with the next toolpath (I have to shut it down and reboot the controller to regain control of the device). I am currently running each of the three toolpaths as separate jobs which is very time consuming. Does anyone else have this issue and are there fixes for it?


Carbide Create’s multiple tool support expects a BitSetter, or other mechanism which allows a tool change to be effected by G-code to make such tool changes.

On a machine which lacks the hardware to support this it will be necessary to write out one G-code file for each tool.

Thank you…sure wish it would honor the X and Y homing after I move the router for a bit change and then let me set a new Z home. The machine knows all of its homing and should be able to easily reset itself for the next toolpath.

I appreciate your input. Have a nice day.

In Carbide Create v7 you can do that. You set your X and Y zero and then the Z zero either at the top or bottom. Then make different tool paths for each tool. Then arrange them in the order you want to run them in. You always make the least intrusive cuts first and a contour cut out last.

In CC disable the second and third tool paths and save the c2d file. The disabled tool paths are saved but when you extract the gcode only the first tool path is in the gcode. You run the first tool path and let it complete. Then in CC disable the first tool path and enable the second and save the file again. Extract the gcode and run the second tool path. On Shapeoko machines the last X Y and Z zeros are persistent so not sure about oneinfinity. If necessary rezero X Y and Z and run the second tool path. Let it finish and then open CC and disable the 1st and 2nd toolpaths (1st already disabled) and enable the third tool path. Again if your machine remembers the X Y and Zero good but if not set up your X Y and Z and run the 3rd tool path.

What will not work is advanced vcarve tool paths that have 2 or more tools. The BitSetter is assumed for an advanced vcarve toolpath. However one of the users Fenrus has a website that will split a 2 tool advanced vcarve into two gcode files.

Another thing I would suggest is if you use CC is to set your post processor to generic or GBRL. Shapeoko/Nomad post processors are specific to C3D machines and may make your oneinfinity just sit there if it does not understand the gcode commands in the Shapeoko/Nomad post processors. I started out with a Shark and they have no included CAD/CAM software. I used CC but had to edit the gcode or my Shark would start and then just sit there. This was back in CC 3 before they had multiple post processors and I guess they assumed only C3D machines would use it.

Thank you for all of the tips…I will give this a shot.


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