Prop propeller with XXL

Prop propeller designed in catia. This is the first run and there are some things to fix but overall a success. Awesome to be able to work on the 45 to get longer cutting length.


Really nice part.

I was wondering if you machined it in the diagonal position, very cool.

Is the plan to flip it over and machine the back as well?

Thanks. That’s the plan with future runs. Any tips to get it perfectly oriented and aligned so that the cuts line up with the front side?

Dowel pins in your wasteboard would work. They’d have to be tall enough to go all the way, or almost all the way, through the stock height if you cut away the edges of the stock as in the picture.

You could also build a frame/jig that you clamp down along all four edges of the stock. Again, you’d want that to be the same height as the stock itself, and you’d probably want to add some support blocks in the four corners so the piece doesn’t rock during the 2nd cut. Cut one side, and flip 'er over. Probably would want to add tabs so the piece doesn’t break free until all cutting is complete.


Could always make a negative of the one side to hold the propeller. Similar to this video on youtube of somebody making a small propeller.
(part 2 with jig)



Thanks for the advice! I’ll try that on the next run but for right now here’s the finished product with the flat back.


More advanced airfoil with the twist. Came out really nice!