"puck" type Z axis touch plate

I’ve hooked up a puck type Z axis probe. So far, pretty happy with it. Have found you really want to probe twice, once at higher speed, once a much lower speed. The first probe will be off by about .010" (the probe surface is spring loaded) . The puck is a little taller than the carbide probe, so you can’t use it with CM. It’s also marked incorrectly for it’s height - it’s 43.2mm tall, or 1.701 " tall.

For $35, it’s quit nice. No light on it like the carbide probe. Using it with the carbide board is really straight forward - connect one wire to the probe pin, one to the ground, and you’re done. Using the UGS probe module works well. You CANNOT use it with CM today, but might be able to in the future if they add some parameters for probe height. You cannot use it for anything but Z probing - X/Y won’t work Wrong shape for that. Doesn’t have the light that’s on the carbide probe, but if you’ve got a electrical experience you can set up something like it.

For the cost, and with the spring in the contact face, I’d strongly recommend it.


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