Puerto Rican flag

I’m in the process of making a Puerto Rican flag. Overall dimension is 2’ x 3’. If you don’t know this flag,
there is a blue triangle that houses a white, five pointed star. In my case the star will be about 8" diameter around the points. Right now the triangle is solid blue that I will rout out to make the star white. I’d like to do the points with a V bit so they are sharp, but obviously that wouldn’t work well for the whole star.

My question is, is there a toolpath I can set up to just do the points to a depth of about 2mm, then switch to a 1/4" end mill to rout the remainder - also to 2mm? Or would I be better off getting a 1/32" end mill to do the points and then switch to the 1/4"?

Thanks for the help!

This is known as “Rest” machining (where one cuts with a large endmill, then removes the balance of material with a smaller one so as to have greater detail) — Carbide Create doesn’t support it, but I think it’s better to use a V carving toolpath instead for the detailing — see: V carve + inside pocket?