Pully set screws

Aside from all the other issues I’ve had with my machine, I have a question about the set screws. I have never had one back out, and I check them often. However, none of mine have a set screw lined up with the flat portion of the shaft. In the interest of uniformity and to prevent possible issue in the future, I am trying to correct that. However, I cannot get the rings to rotate on the shaft at all, in order to line the set screws up. Am I missing something or does the Shapeoko 4 XXL no longer require it to be lined up?

The intent of having a set screw on a flat is to keep the pulley from moving in relation to the shaft — if they’re not moving, then there’s no need — just put a witness mark on both the pulley and the shaft so that you can see if a pulley has shifted.

If one does, and you’re able to rotate it, do so and put a set screw on a flat.

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Thank you for the quick repsonse.

some of mine came glued to the shaft some didn’t so don’t force it if they stay put

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