Purple Heart Wood

Tried a simple little project from a file someone had on the Community. Nothing fancy, just a simple design. I had a few pieces of 1/2 Purple Heart Wood that is thought would look nice. But man, this stuff is hard as a rock. I had 2 disconnects while i was cutting. and i have never had disconnects on my machine before. Maybe i was too aggressive on my settings.


I’ve made a few smalls with purpleheart. I’ve come to call it “devil wood”!

But, once you get the feeds and speeds down, it can make some special stuff.

Add some white inlay to it, some oil finish and you have a unique piece.

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I have cut a lot of purple heart wood on table saws and routers. This wood is very hard on bits, blades and anything you use to cut it with. Keep checking your tooling and keep a sharp tool.