Put my Shapeoko XXL together and have extra parts

I bought my Shapeoko 2 years ago and had to put it together in stages, while dealing with other things going on, so it took me almost 2 years to make the table for it and get it assembled. Before I ordered it, I had planned out carefully what I wanted and needed. I have a BitZero, BitRunner, and T-Tracks all installed and I know, since I got them, I originally planned on getting them and using them.

The problem is that, over the past 2 years, I’ve forgotten a few things and lost track of others. Now that I’m done I have parts that I don’t see in the instructions and I want to be sure I know if I need them or not. It’s also possible that some of these parts are not from my Shapeoko, but stuff that I left on the workbench that got mixed up with the Shapeoko parts.

So here’s the parts, in 2 photos:

I’m pretty sure the button with the black and white wire and the alligator clip with the red cover is a Z-axis probe or something like that.

The two bags in the lower right, with 2 items in each one, look like they contain something that’s part of a kind of s sensor switch. I would think they’re axis limit switches, but I know, from looking and testing, that the Shapeoko uses inductance switches for that function, not spring or reed switches.

I’m not at all sure what the wire and screws and other parts in the top left are.

I did consider drilling the holes in the wasteboard and using them for anchoring my project materials. I thought these parts might be used at a corner in assembly, but I don’t see where they would go, so I suspect that they’re for use when fastening project materials down to help position them and hold them in place.

Confirmation of my guesses or more information on these parts would be a nice help!

That’s a third party tool length sensor

Those are spare carbon brushes for the trim router

The rest are probably extras/spare parts, I would not worry about them

@Julien is correct about the 3rd party item and the spare brushes.

Those are adapters for connecting a BitZero to an older Carbide Motion Board version — spare if you have a current board and unlikely to ever be needed.

That’s a corner square and guides:

it dates back to the MDF baseplate on an SO3, and doesn’t line up w/ any of our T-track or threaded tables — some folks find these invaluable for repetitively placing parts at a standard origin, other folks never find a use for them, and if installed find them to be in the way.

Is there any way I can mark both replies as a solution?

No, Julien was first, so he should get the credit.

What’s odd is I see the square as a separate product and my invoice says I ordered it, but I can’t remember anything about it. I’m sure I was thinking of using it exactly the way @WillAdams mentioned. I wish I had known it doesn’t line up with the T-Track, but I’m thinking that between the Shapeoko and my 3D printer, I can come up with some way to mount it if I want to use it with the T-Tracks.