PVC Memorial Cross

Need to make a Memorial Cross for my Uncle. Was contemplating PVC but don’t know how thick it should be for a roadside marker.

Any input is greatly appreciated,

I’m sorry for your loss. That’s a humbling situation to be in for someone you loved.

PVC trim board might be a great option for this. It’s easy to get ahold of, glues together well, and lasts well outdoors. Cross ratios are typically 1:2 or 1:3 ratios between the lengths of the horizontal:vertical sections. As for thickness, I would just use the thickest I could find, which looks like about 1 inch.


I had made one last year out of a wood 2x4. You could do the same out of a plastic 2x4. Most time they are special order from a home depot or lowes type store so if you have a few weeks that’s a good option. I pocketed down each piece .75in where the cross met so they were flush and just screwed them to each other on the backside after I carved my wording into them.


Thanks for the input guys.
I was thinking of carving out of a solid sheet of pvc, going to need a sheet atleast 24"x48 in to get my 22x35 end goal. The 1 in thick Ive found is a little over $200 for the 2x4 sheet, Think maybe something thinner will suffice? Also dunno where to look locally or is online my best option these days.

It’s pretty easily doubled up using PVC glue — would that be an option?


I use PVC board all the time for projects. Use the 3/4 in. Comes in 5 1/2, 7 1/4, 9 1/4 and 11 1/4 inch widths at lowes, home depot, or menards and 8 or 12 foot boards
For wider projects i’ve used PVC glue and clamps and it works great. Also you can buy 4 x 4 sheets of 3/4 PVC. Made by Royal Products


Awesome thanks, I will take a look and see if Lowes has any of those 4x4 sheets

Up in my area Lowes and Menards both carry the 3/4" in 2’x4’ sheets.


Same Here. They have 4 x 8 sheets


Thanks guys, the local lowes was out of stock and was able to find a 1/2" 2x4 and 4x8 sheet at Menards. Now to just take the 2 hour trip… Now to just finish the design and get to cutting.


Here’s the rough draft. Husband & Son have been switched… I was out of it.

Anyone tips on cutting the PVC speeds and feeds? I usually cut pretty aggressive. Going to be using 60 v bit, 1/4 in and 1/8 2 flute

Thanks again for everyones help. Ended up getting a deal on the 1/2 4x8 sheet for $73 at Menards.

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