PWM Connector Question

I have an IOT relay wired to the PWM on my Shapeoko board to turn on/off my router and vacuum. I recently added a JTech laser using the header install from their Shapeoko kit. Now when I turn on a toolpath to use the CNC both the router/vacuum and laser come on regardless what the $32 GRBL setting is set at.

Is there a way to selectively turn off the IOT PWM versus the Laser header. I am assuming not since I think they are both PWM connectors but hate to assume.


They both go to the same pin on the cpu, so not really. I solved this problem by turning off the switch on the router.

Or you can turn off the switch to the JTech too, wouldn’t that work as well? Or does that defeat the purpose of the relay too much?

Yes you can turn them each off when using the other one which is what I will likely have to do or use another device that turns on the vacuum when it recognizes the power draw on the router like the other dust collectors in my shop. Just was hoping I didnt have to buy something else. :slight_smile:

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