Question about 2.2kw spindle

Hello everyone,
My spindle just came in, haven’t had a chance to start the install still waiting on other parts to show up, but my question is with this monster spindle will I still be able to run my machine(xxl) as fast as I run it now with my Dewalt router, I currently run my 3D projects at 300 ipm with my tapered ball nose. The spindle will be hooked to a HDZ ( which is also waiting installation), I’m just wondering with the added weight of the spindle, If I will loose steps anywhere along the line Running fast

I’ve run mine at 200ipm while cutting acrylic at a few millimeters depth, no issues. 3d finishing with a tapered ballnose usually puts very little force on the cutter/spindle, so I would expect that it will work just fine, especially with raster toolpaths (i.e. very uniform/straight moves with no sharp turns in the cut). Worst case scenario, you could reduce accels a bit to reduce the forces during the change of direction.

Thanks @Julien

But thinking a bit more about it, maybe I should’ve asked about all movement with all bits at accelerated speeds, because I never considered that lateral movement being a problem, if it even is, but I was thinking more about the up and down movement because with the 3D it’s constantly up and down and at a decent speed, and it’s a lot of weight going that fast, I didn’t want to loose step due to weight/speed

maybe @Luke would be in a better position to comment on the achievable max speed on Z ($112), I for one would not be worried about lost steps (given the ballscrew design used at 320steps/mm, providing a lot of umpf), but I have no data to back up this feeling since I rarely do cuts with a very aggressive speed along Z specifically. It would be interesting to hear how far others have pushed their HDZ+2.2kW spindle.

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I’ll also be interested to know how fast the HDZ can really go, by default it’s quite a bit slower going up and down in Z than the old belt drive Z was. This is not surprising given the very different mechanism.

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