Question about cc v 400

I am currently using cc version 313, can I jump straight to v 400 and if so will I be able to open and use all of my .c2d files from v313?

You will be able to open 3XX files but people have reported that you may see some differences in the project. You will not be able to open 4XX files with CC V3XX. In other words, this is a beta version, it works but there are still some quirks.

Thank You. Does the 4XX overwrite the 3XX or will I have both on my computer?

Change the name of the app to Carbon Create 313 then download 4XX. After you download and install, Change the name of that one too to include the version as there will be many in the next little while.

The latest 414 from has some additional fixes to load older files properly. If you have a file that doesn’t match between 313 or 316 and 414, send it over to us.

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Thank you, will work on it tomorrow.