Question about endmill mark

Anyone have these marks show up on the outside of workpiece?

This has happened on multiple pieces.

Is that where the endmill plunges? It looks like you are getting deflection, because during a plunge you are much higher tool engagement.

It could be the tool itself deflecting, but given how even the mark is, it looks like the entire carriage is moving. With the power on (but spindle off!), grab the nose of the spindle, and try to move it. It should be locked in place until you really push on it, so any movement indicates a mechanical issue.
You don’t say what machine you have, so things to check:

  • belt tension
  • V Wheels
  • Belt Pulleys, and the driver pulley on the motor.
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Sorry the machine is the shapeoko 4 xxl

It seems the whole z axis can move back and forth a little is this bad?

Yes that is bad. Something is probably loose like one of the pulleys on the stepper motors or you do not have your belts tensioned properly.

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If it is the whole Z carriage check your v-wheels. If it is just the router and it is a C3D router the bearings may be bad. If in warranty I think support@carbide could help you. If it is out of warranty then get a Makita rebuild kit. C3D router is a clone of the Makaita.


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