Question about offsets

My question is: is it possible to do an offset around multiple objects (or islands I guess they are called).

The instructions I see are to do an offset, but it is around a single object.

I can show the photo if that would help clarify.

Thank you in advance!


This is the image, I’m trying to create an offset around the entire thing.

Please don’t hold it against me that it is Michigan State!

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if you multi-select (shift+click) the individual vectors and use the offset tool, does it do what you want ?


Good morning,

No, it didn’t. When I pressed Cntl - A for all, it wanted to to make a separate offset around each item.

Can you do as @Julien said until the offset shapes overlap, then combine those shapes. I don’t use create, but that’s how I’d do it in inkscape or similar.

@nathan32935 How large an offset do you want? I do this frequently by making the offset large enough to get a single outline, delete any islands the offset inward to get the spacing desired. Sharp detail is lost but you can modify the vector if desired.


Like Lester said…
if you select all your vectors and then group them, then offset them as a group, it will get 90% correct and then just a little cleanup and you are good to go.

Remove extra vectors by eye and nose

look for little left over vectors and remove them…
And Whala!